Sr. Rookie Ball West

Sr. Rookie Ball

Sr. Rookie Ball is a developmental Division and is composed of mostly of children 7 to 9 years of age. All players are evaluated prior to team formation in the areas of hitting, catching, throwing, and base running. Each player is assigned an individual skill and overall rating. Once completed, balanced teams are formed based on player assessment ratings and then assigned to a Coach.

At this level the games begin to conform to baseball with one exception, there is still no pitcher, the hitting team’s coach still feeds balls into a pitching machine that pitches the ball at 40 miles per hour. The balls for this division are regular baseballs not soft baseballs. The bases are 65 feet apart and the pitching machine distance is 44 feet. The defensive team places 10 players in the field, and will be rotated throughout the game and all roster players bat whether assigned to a field position or not. Game scores and standings are recorded.